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A Passion for Orthodontics

I want us to be a valuable part of your extended staff.  We have merged the technology of cephalometrics with the ease and convenience of the internet to bring you cost effective and unique solutions. We know there are a lot of places you could send your business, and we'd be extra honored if you consider us. If you’re a current customer and you dig what we’re doing, the best way you can help us out is to help a colleague get set up with us as well. For grins, please find my brief orthodontic experience timeline below. 


Late 1950's

  • Born in an operatory... just teasing
  • My father was a dental technician
  • ...grew up playing in operatories


  • exited college with computer science education
  • stint at Panasonic
  • joined dental laboratory family business (officially)
  • started tracing cephs by hand (acetate over film)


  • opened full service orthodontic laboratory
  • bent wire and smelled a lot of methyl methacrylate
  • created "Dental Rx" laboratory prescription software
  • integrated digitizer with CAD software for ceph tracings


  • exited laboratory ownership
  • entered orthodontic leadership roles for Dental Services Group, Ortho Organizers and Henry Schein
  • completed board certification in Dental Technology with specialty in Orthodontics
  • created and built orthodontic laboratory for Ortho Organizers
  • traveled US to hundreds of orthodontic offices
  • implemented dedicated ceph tracing software


  • continued travel to US Orthodontic offices
  • exited Henry Schein
  • developed proprietary cloud-based ceph tracing service
  • launched
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