Your upfront investment is precisely zero - CephTracer™ handles the cost and challenges of cephalometric software support, maintenance, compatibility, security, application patches, license management, malware updates, you eliminate the need to call or hire somebody to do that for you

In fact, your costs will not just be lower this year – they will be lower over the entire lifetime of our service use.

a 2006 McKinsey study estimated that the TCO (total cost of ownership) for a web-delivered software service would be 40% lower than on-premise software.

We consider our solution as a better alternative to the standard scheme of cephalometric software installation/maintenance/training/updates on your current computer equipment (standard delivery model). These two models do have a lot of differences.

1In the CephTracer™ scenario, you do not pay for possession of the cephalometric software program, but rather the specific results that you desire. You make small pay-as-you-go purchases and are relieved of the necessity to invest in the essential expenses of buying the software. You don’t have to acquire the software, and the hardware platform for installing it. Don’t forget that after a networked cephalometric tracing system is implemented in a practice, it needs constant further maintenance. If all of these labor and fiscal responsibilities are passed on to CephTracer™ , your only expense is the use of our services for access to the specific results you desire.

2You do not receive any software, but only the specific results for which it provides (as a web service). And this is an implementation of a maximum business delegation function that a practice will profit from.

3Our online process has been reduced to a minimum and is very simple – You simply register and receive a login/password for the CephTracer™ site. Our system does not require extensive training nor a long learning curve, or an especially difficult adaptation to your cephalometric requirements. As a result your implementation time is reduced as well as all of the associated expenses that you would normally incur.

4Our model provides you with universal access to the service from any place where there is an internet connection with any internet-enabled device.

5CephTracer™ allows you and your team to use our service for cephalometric tracings/analses which may have been previously inaccessible because of cost, implemetation or labor. Instead of purchasing the cephalometric software program, you now pay only for what you need. Do you really need more? 

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