How to Create an Effective Patient Video Testimonial (Part 3)

By Ron Sheetz 

Pain is the motivation that finally drives patients to take action. But fear is a major obstacle. 74% of the US population fears the dentist. Patients commonly say how long they've gone without seeing a dentist. Patients comment on how they endured well meaning, but poor dental care because it was easier than finding a new dentist. And patients share their fear of entering a worse dental care situation than they were in already.


The solution is always a compelling patient interview because the only real solution for dealing with fear is you! This is a model to use; you will be able to clearly identify the pain, turning point and solution model within your patient testimonial:


"I'm terrified of the dentist--terrified. Like, by 'terrified' I mean cold sweet breaking out and running down my face. I was finally forced to find a dentist when the Ambosal and Tylenol would no longer make the pain go away."


"I cannot place a value on anything that Dr. Pearce has done with my dental work; It really has changed my life. I smile more; I laugh more; I take more pictures, you know, like family pictures. I don't sit in the corner anymore. I talk to people." 


"When you have really bad teeth you try to cover them and hide them. Now, I literally have the perfect smile for me. Dr. Pearce was everything I needed him to be." 


Obstacles are often more mental than physical. 


Here's another example of how NOT to capture testimonials. I was asked to capture testimonials at a seminar. I was armed with great questions that would create great testimonials. However, the client announced publicly they would like people to volunteer to record a video testimonial. This created an obstacle because as I approached people to interview they turned tail and ran. 


At another event I captured testimonials my way. The results: 30% of the attendees provided me with a testimonial! From that video library I was able to create a five minute video that was both powerful and effective. You can do the same thing in your practice. Be a little more spontaneous.


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