The Best Dental Buys for 2016

by Dr. Mark Burhenne 

Many of you write to me asking which dental products I use. Today, I present the rigorously tested Best Dental Health Products for 2016! 

I wasn’t always so concerned with which products are best. As a young dentist, I’d reach for whatever toothbrush or floss I’d get for free from the big brands. Much like the pharmaceutical companies, the big dental brands have a large investment into making sure that they have a loyal following. No big deal as long as you’re brushing and flossing, right? Not so, as I’ve learned after 30 years as a dentist. 

But it was after the birth of our first child that I started wanting to dig deeper, beyond the glossy ad campaigns. I began investigating how these different products impact our health. I remember squirting blue Crest toothpaste onto our daughter’s baby toothbrush and realizing, this just isn’t right. 

Like me, I know you are on a quest to find non-toxic, effective products that work. This is one of the biggest deep dives we’ve done yet on Ask the Dentist and we hope it helps you and your family. So, here we go! (Don’t forget to enter our giveaway of over $750 of these awesome products and supplements!) 

See the entire 2016 list here 

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